“Last year I looked for an attorney to help me and my wife with our estate planning. I was looking for attorney’s that had positive reviews from their clients, and I ‘stumbled’ upon John DiAna Attorney, and his website (with positive client reviews). He did Wills, Trusts, and Estate planning. I gave him a call, told him we had a ‘blended’ family. I said something, I don’t recall what it was, but he told me upfront, that if we hired him, he represented us both. I could not tell him something in ‘confidence’ that he would withhold from my wife, nor could she tell him something in ‘confidence’ that would be withheld from me. That resonated with me. We ended the conversation, with John (Jack) telling me whenever I was ready, to give him a call. I forgot to mention, his rates were very reasonable.

Several months later, I called John, and the same cordial person made arrangements to hold a teleconference with my wife and I explaining the process, patiently answering any questions, and in particular spoke about the potential challenges blended families faced, etc. When I wasn’t speaking with John, his assistant Deborah was equally as helpful. When it was time to sign documents they were gracious enough to accommodate us coming in on a Saturday.

We were walked/talked through the entire process, received a reasonable price, and an estate plan we are comfortable with. A great team – DiAna Law Group.”

Ronnie P – San Jose, California

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