Most clients want –

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Good advice.
A fighter when its time to fight.
But most of all,
a lawyer they can trust.

This is what the DiAna Law Group
does every day!




Personal Injury Law

If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident, the most important thing you need is a lawyer you can trust and can talk with personally.

Call us first before you get sold on high priced contingency fees only to be treated like a number by a first year associate shuffling paper.

We care about our clients and treat them the way we would want to be treated! With over 30 years* dealing with insurance companies, we know how they think and we know how to get your case settled for the maximum amount possible.

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Small Business Advisement and Litigation

We spent 30 years* negotiating deals, creating new enterprises and handling all kinds of business issues from employment questions to litigation. If you have a business, you need a lawyer that understands business. You need a lawyer that can provide legal advice but also help you close the deal. You have come to the right place - We are business lawyers.

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Tenant – Landlord Law

As a tenant you need to know your rights but if you’re a landlord, you absolutely must know the rules. We give back to the community by handling these issues at reduced rates. When someone has a housing problem, it places in jeopardy their security. So if you are a landlord or tenant, call us - we know California tenant-landlord law.

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Our commitment to treat our clients the way we want to be treated,  has helped us win the loyalty of our clients from the tenant being mistreated, to the landlord not getting paid to our business clients needing an experienced negotiator to the person that was hurt in an automobile accident or bit by a dog.

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Jack DiAna

With over 30 years experience helping businesses and individuals, you can rest easy knowing I will fight to protect your interests.

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Office Manager

Deborah Jean Taylor

Of all the awards I have won, there is nothing that compares to the satisfaction of hearing our clients breathe a sigh of relief. I care and our clients know I care.

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Attorneys and Parlegals


Everyone at DiAna Law Group has one purpose - to serve our clients the way we would want to be served.

Our Promise

"We treat our clients the way we would want to be treated.

Its the golden rule."

- Jack Vincent DiAna



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This site is owned and managed by Attorney John ("Jack") Vincent DiAna. The legal information provided on this site does not constitute legal advice or formation of an attorney-client relationship. * Any reference to the amount of experience refers to all experience, even in previous careers. The lead attorney, Mr. John DiAna was licensed to practice law in 2014 and has dealt with insurance companies as an agent and broker for the past 30 years in both personal and commercial lines. He has advised thousands of clients on all kinds of matters including business formation, management, coverage issues, mergers and many other commercial matters. His longterm and significant experience gives him real world experience in helping individuals and businesses navigate through legal issues and gives him an edge when negotiating on behalf of his clients.