Jack’s Law firm percentage of my case is worth every penny of it. Jack knows his stuff pretty well. He is very meticulous in strategizing on how to deal with the other party on you can get the most out of your injury. He will discuss with you everything he is planning to do and gets your approval first by email or through his secretary, Deborah. He never keeps you out of the loop.

I am very satisfied with the outcome of the settlement for my injury. Even after I received my settlement check, he promised to work on lowering down the lien that the hospital put on my claim and he sure did a fine job.

Let me share a letter I wrote to him–

Dear Jack,
What a very pleasant surprise to find a letter from you with another check attached for more than $10,000.00. I was in So Cal and just came home this morning. I’m presently doing my volunteer work.
Now, I have the extra funds to get my roof fixed. They say God works in mysterious ways and you are God sent.
I give you my heartfelt thank you for doing everything possible that I receive a just and fair compensation.

Good things,

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